Elliot Moss Unveils New Music At The Penthouse At The Standard

Elliot Moss Unveils New Music At The Penthouse At The Standard – January 30, 2017

Elliot Moss made it clear he is a young artist worth keeping an ear on with an engaging performance on Monday at The Penthouse at the Standard. A lot of people, specifically 4.2 million of them already knew that as they streamed 175 years worth of his music in 2016.  In our conversation before the show, he spoke about electronic music with some enthusiasm from Mr. Fingers (Chicago based DJ) to Disclosure.  The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer told me guitar was his first instrument.  Both of his parents are guitar players as well and the two have supported their son’s artistic aspirations.  Moss explained that teaching himself keyboards was necessary for the kind of one-man band recording that resulted in his debut, Highspeeds, from two years ago as well as a forthcoming EP due this Spring.

While the music he’s produced to this early point in his career has been done at his home in the Westchester town of Mamoroneck, he knew from the get that he would need other musicians on stage with him if he were to recreate it and, as he is keen to do, use it as a foundation for a distinct concert experience.  He revealed his rhythm section, Devin Collins and Evan Marien, are Berklee guys and he appreciates setting them lose on his material.

Moss no doubt took some inspiration from the breathtaking views afforded by the roof deck atop The Standard Hotel in the East Village.  The free performance was part of a series curated by one Annie Ohayon better known as Annie O who has worked with a handful of heavy artists including an association with Lou Reed for many years.  She’s got an ear and over the six years she’s been booking artists into the space, her reputation and that of The Top Of The Standard has grown.

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