Greg Holden’s Boys In The Street, Chase The Sun

Greg Holden isn’t too keen to write typical love songs.  He told me as a singer/songwriter he’s already got that cliche to contend with, and he’s not about to sing: I love you…fill in a girl’s name… type songs.  They don’t interest him.  What does interest the British ex-pat is writing songs that are topical and positive.  New York City was getting the better of him for a while and he almost hung up his guitar but he took a trip to India and Tibet for 6 weeks which, and he also laughed at the cliche of this, changed his life.  His sincerity though is apparent and the perspective he gained from the trip inspired his latest album Chase The Sun.

The album’s track Boys In The Street has become a phenomenon and catapulted the artist into a new realm of popularity.  He wrote the song when the organization Everyone is Gay asked him to contribute a song for a fundraising compilation album and it’s taken on a life of its own.

We spoke before his show at The Marlin Room at Webster Hall on Friday, October 23rd, 2015.  He was opening up for Vintage Trouble.  He told me he enjoyed the challenge of trying to win over fans as a support act but is looking forward to being a headliner.  It won’t be long…

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