Larkin Poe Session At WFUV

Larkin Poe Session At WFUV

It’s time to find out who, or what, is Larkin Poe!   The Atlanta duo is made up of two sisters  – aged just 23 and 25 – who have amassed tremendous experience including touring with Conor Oberst, Kristian Bush, and Elvis Costello – who calls them gifted instrumentalists.  T-Bone Burnett is also a fan.  He invited them to contribute backing vocals on Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes alongside Costello, Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons,  Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, and Rhiannon Giddens.

Their full-length debut album Kin came out last fall and it will soon come out again with some new songs. 

Like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jethro Tull, Larkin Poe was named after a person who isn’t in the band but not a gym teacher or an agriculturalist as in those cases, but their great, great, great, great grandfather.   He was a Civil War wagon driver turned historian and a distant cousin to Edgar Allen Poe so he certainly sounds worthy of the honor.

In this session, Rebecca and Megan Lovell performed as a duo with no touring players. They turned in a stellar “Stubborn Love” on the first take.   The second song was a new one, “Trouble in Mind,” and they ran it through twice when Rebecca declared she preferred the latter as it had more ‘tude!

Click HERE to hear the conversation plus access video of their performances.

Larkin Poe Session at WFUV

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  1. Gordon Nash says:

    Yay for Larkin Poe! I met them back when the eldest was 21 and their little sister was in the band. They were the Lovell sisters then. So Happy they are on WFUV..

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