New Documentary Film & Book On H.R. Of Bad Brains

New Documentary Film & Book On H.R. Of Bad Brains – Event at Saint Vitus Bar on January 24, 2017

One of the Bad Brains CDs in my collection has a sticker on it with two well chosen quotes about the band:

“If you want to hear real excitement, real energy, real soul…listen to the Bad Brains” – Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

“The Bad Brains influenced me more than any other band in the world.” – Adam Yauch, Beastie Boys

It was brilliant to be able to get a chat with Bad Brains’ frontman H.R. in Brooklyn last week along with James Lathos and Howie Abrams who have devoted years to exploring his music, personality, and spirituality.  Lathos, who directed the documentary, told me straight up he is not a filmmaker. He builds houses in Florida for a living.  However, he is a maniacal H.R. and Bad Brains fan who used to write for a skate mag and had become friendly with his future documentary subject in their common hometown of Washington D.C.  Abrams has roots in New York City and, while researching a book he had a notion about doing, heard that interviews for a film had been going on.  He reached out to Lathos and the two decided to team up with the best bits captured on video going into the flick while the oral history allowed for transcripts of the most compelling conversations.  Lathos emphasized that the movie is not just blowing smoke (about how genius H.R. is) but looks at the struggles that he has had to endure.  

Pick up the book that’s out now and keep your eye on this website for the latest screenings about Finding Joseph I and future release info.

So, can we hope for another Bad Brains record with H.R. at the helm?  The answer is YES!  Enjoy these bonus bits from the powwow in which H.R. points to studio sessions planned for the fall as well as gives a nod to The Ramones and CBGB…

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