Delta Clutch CD Review

Delta Clutch – Rough Mixes ’02 – 5 song EP (Blackberry Recordings)

With over seven years and three self-released records under their belts, Massachusetts rooted Delta Clutch is currently putting the finishing touches on a new disc at Appleman Studio in Stoneham. Their sneak peak type of EP: Rough Mixes 2002 reveals an intelligent and subtle five-piece who are weathered like Elliott Smith and moody like Buffalo Tom.

Singer Pip (yeah, just Pip, he’s been in a handful of Providence based bands including Plan 9 and Coat of Arms) has got the kind of range and tone to sing acappella while coaxing maximum meaning out of phrases like You said to come in but be sure to check your vision at the door. His willingness to self-incriminate with lyrics like All I ever wanted was to even the score is unusual and affecting . Delicate piano and guitar fills and a Carole King cover show excellent taste. -Eric Holland

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