Lovewhip Concert Review

Lovewhip – House of Blues, Cambridge, MA – Monday, July 22

What in the wild world of sports is “Highlife Juicy Juju?” The answer to that provocative question was answered July 22nd at the House of Blues. It’s what the delightful four piece Lovewhip call their music and it’s all about shaking your bones. Their as lively as an anorexic BU sophomore with two captivating females on lead instruments and a dude rhythm section. Highlife and juju refer to African styles, the latter the genre that Femi Kuti originated. Lovewhip cops riffs from these types and filters it through their own peculiar tastes. Singer/guitarist Erin Harpe has a bouncy Dance Hall Crashers kind of vibe while multi-instrumentalists Sistah Nancy is rootsier and more soulful. Even though Sistah Nancy appeared to be an Anglo, her wailing on sax, flute, keys, and percussion commands respect on any continent. It did not feel like a Monday night. -Eric Holland

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