Morcheeba Concert Review

Morcheeba – Avalon Ballroom, Boston, MA – 1/25/03

Now that they’ve been around for almost a decade, London’s Morcheeba knows their genius is bringing the chill and making all their eclectic impulses subservient to that. More guitar driven than their trip-hop contemporaries Portishead and Massive Attack, Ross Godfrey recalls David Gilmore and a Joshua Tree era Edge but he’s plainly heard a lot of funk and dub records too. He’s got a meaty solo ready if you need one but mostly he’s into hypnotizing with tones that swirl through wahs and flanges. Shaved headed singer Skye Edwards can let lyrics flow out her mouth in a sexy ooze but she’s playful as well. She treated the Boston fans to her impression of the MTV female VJ rah-rah American accent and she challenged an audience member to a skirt stripping duel.and followed through with it. Unlike many groups that use turntables, Morcheeba knows they aren’t a lead instrument. DJ Paul Godfrey (Ross’s brother) is a model of restraint whose work on the decks is informed by the philosophy that chilling music is not busy music. These core three are supplemented on this tour with a rhythm section and a keyboard player who favors Deep Purple/Charlatans UK style riffs. I wouldn’t change a thing. In a show without valleys, the faves from 1998’s Big Calm were most satisfying and the new “Sao Paulo” soared. – Eric Holland

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