Motorhead Concert Review

Motorhead – Palladium, Worcester, MA – 4/26/01

Two dots over the second o, extreme volume, uncomplicated and unapologetic thrash that possesses the best elements of punk and metal, riffs stolen by AC/DC, and balls, pride, and dignity in spades. Yes, pun intended.
Every tough looking biker dude and a fair amount of delightfully trashy T&A in the Worcester metro area had their index finger and pinky extended in a vaguely satanic salute to show respect to this legendary trio. Lemme Kilmister’s smashed you over the head with his bass playing and strangled screams. Phil Campbell impressed with his offset V and Mikkey Dee’s drumming was relentless and muscular. Fun fucking show with the Ace Overkill for encores. – Eric Holland

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