Anything Could Happen: Tommy Stinson Talks Bash & Pop 2.0

Anything Could Happen: Tommy Stinson Talks Bash & Pop 2.0 –  Anything Could Happen by Bash & Pop released 1/20/17

Nothing not to like about the new Bash & Pop record.  Tommy Stinson, now safely nestled upstate in Hudson, got some pals together in his home studio with the intention of capturing the energy and power of a live rock n roll band.  This was in contrast to the last couple of solo efforts where he played everything and stitched pieces together.  Of course a few passes with the iron afterwards but in essence we’ve got a live in the studio approach with Stinson’s songs brought to life by a cast of diverse talented characters who each appear on a handful of tracks.  Notably, Steve Selvidge of The Hold Steady or Luther Dickinson of North Mississippi All Stars doing the heavy lifting on guitar and Frank Ferrer of Guns N Roses or Joe Sirois of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones pounding the skins.  It should be noted that some material was recorded in London as well while The Replacements were on tour.

The first question, maybe, to be answered then is why call this a Bash & Pop record when personnel-wise, the only common denominator between Anything Could Happen and 1993’s Friday Night Is Killing Me is Stinson himself.  The answer is the sound of the album and, somewhere along the line a remark was made about bashing it out.  The second question might be how does this album relate to that Replacements tour from the summer of ’13 to the summer of ’15.  Regarding that, first in case you missed it, it was amazing and it made a lot of fans blissfully happy. However, as Stinson remarks in the bonus video clip below when I asked him about his brother Bob, there was always going to be something intrinsically missing. Even with that as a given, he was ready to make a new Replacements album and he went into studios with Paul Westerberg and company on three different occasions to try. It wasn’t to be and Stinson turned the page.  Armed with a few songs he had penned with The Replacements in mind as a point of departure, Anything Could Happen, and it did.

Oh yeah, the show at the Mercury Lounge on Wednesday was killer and the interview was recorded outside WFUV, at Fordham University, on Friday.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the session recorded then that also included Steve Selvidge.  It will premiere, along with an interview that Stinson did with Russ Boris, on February 21st and will live on afterwards on the radio site.   





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