Wild Belle Session At WFUV

Wild Belle Session At WFUV – Recorded 1-20-16

It’s natural for (the fabulous and pictured) Natalie Bergman to look up to her brother Elliot, who is eight years older, and who introduced her to the intoxication of performing on stage when he brought her out on tour when she was just sixteen.  As a multi-dimensional artist, (painter, sculptor, etc) Elliot has many admirable qualities beyond being a generous and supportive sibling.  In their band Wild Belle, he plays keys and sax – a baritone sax in this session – while she sings their infectious songs characterized by assured juxtapositions.  Three years ago, they visited our Bronx studios and tattooed themselves onto our musical consciousness with the song Keep You.  12491999_978729388860318_5046794315640246227_oNow they’re back and they’re better.  Their love of Jamaican music shines through and their love for each other lays the foundation for the music on their forthcoming album called Dreamland that’s due in April.

Spend some time with Wild Belle in this FUV Live session,

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